Painting Right Now

is all about what's currently happening in the art world. It connects the techniques of painting (composition, color, line, shape, etc) to Contemporary Art. Every project uses recent exhibitions as a jumping off point. Each week we will learn about two artists and create our own paintings using elements we learn from them.
Animate Me

Let's create a world of our own! We'll learn everything from creating a story to designing and building characters, to making backgrounds and of course making our creatures move. We'll also learn about animation artists and their wide range of techniques.
Painting's Greatest Hits Remix

We’ve all seen these paintings before but there is no greater way to really know and engage with a work than to recreate it. We’ll use some of the greats of the canon of Western Art as the inspiration for our own paintings. Before we begin each week we’ll learn about artists and their work and ways to apply their techniques in our own paintings.
Moving Pictures

Let's get behind the camera and create our own unique video pieces. We'll learn about the medium while studying contemporary video artists. The essential techniques will be covered: concept, storyboarding, shooting, acting, and editing.
HOLD STILL (Drawing Foundations)

Having the confidence to draw visual concepts will have lifelong applications in art, design, and business. We’ll study contemporary artists who are using traditional techniques to make new and exciting drawings. We’ll work mostly from still objects as we cover the technical basics (perspective, composition, form, shading) while we greatly improve our drawing skills.
Sculpture Right Now

We'll explore object making by way of the most exciting contemporary artists working today. Each week we'll learn about two new artists who use techniques we'll be experimenting with in our own work. We'll explore the possibilities of clay, plaster and recycled objects as we learn about the techniques of sculpture (volume, mass, color, texture, etc).

All classes are adapted for each age group. We design custom programs for schools. Contact us for a sample curriculum.